Donate to Calgary Harvest!

We made a plan for increasing our capacity to harvest more trees registered with Calgary Harvest that we will be implementing for the 2023 season. We’re pretty excited! In order to launch our plan however, we need to raise funds and so we need your help.

For 2023, our fundraising goal is $35,000. If you would like to support us in reaching our target, please consider making a small donation to Calgary Harvest (but we’ll take big ones too!) to help us get there. Calgary Harvest runs on the free time of two volunteers and has only limited funds. The plan described below describes how we intend on using the donations to achieve our 2023 goals.

The plan

We will create a powerful tree management system that will significantly increase the efficiency of the operation of the project by allowing us to do more communication in much less time. We need funds to procure the expertise and software needed to create this new resource. Using this newly improved tree management system, we will decentralize how the harvest works by creating the ability for interested tree owners to host their own picking events. This way, harvest events can be initialized by those tree owners and proceed when dedicated volunteer staff are not available. Historically this has been the biggest limit to our ability to harvest more trees.

We will be also be using funds to compensate staff to assist with managing Calgary Harvest because the project is growing to a size that is beyond capacity of its current volunteer directors.

Finally, we will be focussing on procuring new types of equipment that we prototyped since 2020 that allow pickers to harvest more fruit in much less time.

We have always been excited about the potential for Calgary Harvest to expand its reach, and with your help, we are going to see the operation accomplish much more than it’s been previously able to do!

As of February, 24, we have raised $850 towards our $35,000 target. That’s 2% of the total.

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$35,000Raised $850 towards the $35,000 target.$850Raised $850 towards the $35,000 target.2%